Management Information Systems
Keimyung Univeristy, Daegu
2007 – 2012


Course of Teaching Korean as a foreign language
April, 2018

Learn Korean For Free

Me as a freelancer, it’s too hectic to even take care of myself sometimes, or I am very free. This free course is made when I have a free time. It’s a lot of work for me to plan a single lesson! I have to record my voice, think about the best shortcuts and steps to learn Korean, and more.

I always want to make my students speak as fast as possible. So they can simply enjoy speaking Korean, and they stay interested in learning it. However, since most of my students are busy business people or some are too far away to get exposed to Korean speaking environment, that is why I started this project.


I meet many people from all the countries! This experience made me such a magician for all kinds of learners. I believe a good teacher does not just teach knowledge because there are tremendous number of teachers with good teaching skills all over the world. Right? I am a master of encouraging my students to make them keep learning. Whoever gives up so easily and get lost fast, please feel free to contact me.

PS. Could you understand me sometimes replying in very deep night when everyone is sleeping? I work all alone. So I need some time to dispose of things that has been stacked during the day!


Berlitz Korea

Dec. 2018 – Present
Korean Language Tutor

Phillip Morris, British American Tobacco, Olympus

Talk-talk Academy

Jul. 2018 – May, 2019
Korean Language Instructor

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